The owner of Verde wanted to develop a salad based restaurant concept. Something that focused on locally sourced foods that are fresh and highly customizable. You can make your own salad from a selection of over fifty wonderful ingredients or you can enjoy some of the house creations. You choose the type of lettuce or base from six different types.



Charleston is a great “foodie” town offering a lot of amazing places to dine. Because they are all very sophisticated, we had to be very creative. The brand had to be expanded through the delivery of the product in conjunction with an immediate pleasant feeling that today’s lunch or dinner was going to be a delicious experience.



The big idea was to paint the walls with over scaled vertical varying width stripes. The size is an intentional “pop” and the colors were chosen from the list of ingredients, kiwi green, eggplant purple, mandarin orange, pineapple yellow, etc. 

The rest of the space was kept very clean and fresh (to mimic the ingredients), almost a minimalist approach incorporating all white millwork, white tables and chairs to contrast  the dark floor to add richness and mimic the idea of flavor. The green bar stools remind us of John Deere tractor green, farm to table. 

As a focal point, we created a showcase for the various lettuces/greens that are available. To add to the modern feel, we pulled in layered typography on the walls and a fun find – small, round penny tile; just the spice to top it off.