Martin Agency Creative

The Martin Agency is a nationally renowned advertising agency based in downtown Richmond, Virginia, with notable clients including Geico and UPS.

Vision: Prior to our redesign of the Martin Agency’s creative department, the designers and creatives worked in a segmented environment that hindered team dynamics; high walls, partitions, and private offices divided the teams and their concepts for the twelve years that the building had existed. Thus, our goal was presented.

Result: To meet the need of increased transparency, we removed all partitions and relocated everyone from enclosed, high walled workstations and into an open environment of large table desks. A multitude of open, informal meeting spaces were created to promote impromptu interaction. Juxtaposing sleek, finished materials with raw and rough materials accentuated the beauty of each. Opening up the space allowed critiques and dialogue to influence projects as they grow, as well as providing younger team members with a chance to learn.