Layers Bed Company

Layers Bed Company's proposition goes beyond the traditional concept of a "mattress store," offering customizable, handmade luxury bedding. The different layers of each bed, from mattress to duvet and pillows, are the stores namesake. Since no two sleeping experiences are alike, the unique feature of Layers is that it offers customizable “layers” to accommodate to each individual’s needs.

Vision: With the store aiming to occupy space in upscale malls and retail neighborhoods around the country, the design brief called for a concept adaptable to varying surroundings in addition to being a refreshing change from the unwelcoming sea of white beds known to many.  

Result: The scope of the project included store design, retail display design, environmental graphics, and product design. Choosing a color palette of warm grays and browns with turquoise to contrast as well as the material palette of contrasting textures (smooth Chinese Elm floors with soft rugs atop) echoes the balance of luxurious relaxation, modern tradition, as well as the concept of the store, the individual layers that work in harmony. To fit 18 large beds into 3,000 square feet, we took advantage of vertical as well as horizontal planes, decorating walls with product and upholstery.