CarLotz is a physical marketplace that allows used car buyers and sellers to transact with one another safely, efficiently, and anonymously. The CarLotz service enables customers to buy and sell used cars privately without the traditional hassle of arranging meetings, test drives, and negotiations with other buyers and sellers. 



Carlotz wanted to create an experience that does not feel like a car dealership.  They wanted the exact opposite - open, inviting, no closed doors, no hidden fees, etc. 

They also wanted something fresh and young.  Since they are selling a service and not a specific brand, it was all about making a car buying experience unlike the typical. The experience that we all share - the love of cars!  Think about the first car you ever owned, the great memories, how much fun you had, the first date in that car, the first time you fooled around in it!  Most of us have this common love of the cars we have had at various points in our lives.  That was just what Carlotz wanted to bring to mind.  The fun, the opportunity and how the cars would enrich our lives.



We created a space that was totally open. There are no doors or back room deals. It became a place for people to meet to discuss their car and the wonderful ways it will enable their lifestyles, great for both buyers and sellers. We used fun invigorating colors - to include orange and turquoise to create a space that is relaxed and inviting. There are comfortable lounge meeting spaces complete with tables that have paper tablets as the top to work on numbers. For a larger group there is a bar height table the likens itself to sitting around the kitchen table at home. 

The graphics are also fresh and direct.  You see vintage images of each of the owners’ first cars, from Will's Lincoln to Michael's unfortunate mini van.  We incorporated other nostalgic images of the great experiences we all share, like the goldfish we might find in the cracks of the back seats when we have small kids.  Other more explanative graphics show just how easy and direct the process really is - Ready, Set, Go!