“Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love.”


“Keep an Inspiration Book - I started doing this years ago. Whenever I see something cool, I either make a sketch or take a picture and stick it in a simple sketchbook. I tear pictures out of magazines, grab brochures, run off with menus, and slap them all into my little black book.”

–Kristi P. Lane, Visible Proof

“Whether it's spectacular one of a kind antiques, unusual re-editions or our classic Mecox designs, assuredly it's of the very best the world has to offer.”

–Mecox Gardens

“Richmond is as brag-worthy as any big city, with the community of a small town.”

–The team at i.e.

Fun at Venture Forum

25 October 2012

Great time last night and so proud of our clients Ledbury and CarLotz! Way to go!

Awards: A Nice Reminder

25 October 2012

Earlier this month, we were honored by the IDEA for 3 awards. I am so proud to be part of such an brilliant team. This is such a special reminder of how much fun we have. Thank you. The IDEA Awards would not be possible without you.

Best Office in RVA Contest

10 September 2012

Best Office in RVA Contest

Was delighted to be a part of the Best Office in RVA contest with the Times Dispatch. We have some amazing places to work here in Richmond!



28 June 2012

We love Ansel and found him being featured in two places: and on Marvin Lang's website. Though we are not surprised because his work is so good, check it out.








A Used Car Salesman You Can Trust

2 April 2012

Everywhere you turn, they just keep popping up. We are so proud of our clients!



Congratulations to The Martin Agency

26 March 2012

Congratulations to The Martin Agency on their GRACRE nomination.








Congratulations CarLotz

23 March 2012

Congratulations to CarLotz on their GRACRE Nomination!








There really is a better way to buy or sell a car.

3 February 2012

Super excited about how well CarLotz is doing. We love working with them. You should drop by. Their place truly is unexpected and provides an experience that just might bring back hints of nostalgia to enjoy.


Making Your Brand And Space Match

14 December 2011

Thank you NAWBO for having us out to talk about brands and how your brand is reflected in your workspace, website and interactions with customers.

To read more about the presentation, check out Work It Richmond. 

Home Central

12 December 2011

The homeowners wanted a kitchen for entertaining: a place for friends to cook, talk, eat and enjoy a great bottle of wine. Previously, they had a galley-style kitchen that was functional but a tight fit. It was enclosed and only allowed one person to be in the space (a “one-fanny kitchen”). 



The Holidays Are Here

5 December 2011

While most people spend the first few days after Thanksgiving shopping, we spend our fielding calls from our residential clients panicking about holiday decorating. Everyone’s starting to get in the Christmas spirit but don’t want to go with the same old red and green thing yet again this season. So here’s our top ideas for updating your holiday décor.


Stay A While

15 November 2011

Traditional chairs come in all sorts of varieties, but ditching a few of them opens up lots of fun possibilities.  


The Best of Both Worlds

25 October 2011

Three C's defined what would become the front parlor: cozy, cheerful and colorful. What better environment to enjoy tea and a newspaper? 


InLight Richmond

24 October 2011

Congratulations to Peter Fraser for winning Best In Show at InLight Richmond this past Friday. 

Click the link below to see the photos. 


The Results Are In

20 October 2011

After a year of fun, challenging, and fulfilling projects both large and small, we are pleased to say that it looks like the devotion paid off. 


Ledbury Founders Voted Top 40 Under 40

20 October 2011

Style Weekly just named our fellow local upstarts over at Ledbury as two of the Top 40 Under 40. Congrats to Paul and Paul; they've worked their tails off at building a national name out of a great local brand.

Click here for the full article.

Martin Agency in Times Square

14 October 2011

This week I want to share something that made all of us at Visible Proof equally surprised and excited - our work at the Martin Agency Creative Department was featured on a Times Square billboard!



more… interview with Will Boland, Co-founder CarLotz

11 October 2011

Check out this interview with Will Boland.  The guys at CarLotz are doing BIG things!


A Classy Evening In Shockoe Slip

7 October 2011

We recently had the pleasure of attending Ledbury's launch party for their new retail space in Richmond's Shockoe Slip. Ledbury is a maker of fabulous men's shirts and one of Richmond's hottest homegrown brands, having been featured in GQ, The Wall Street Journal, and more.


Freshen Up

30 September 2011

Check out our refresh of the 1930's West End home's dining area on the Richmond Magazine Blog.
The space already had some beautiful elements, but with a couple careful changes, it definitely
has a new vibe to match the rest of the renovation.


Glossy Finishes

27 September 2011

See how we transformed the foyer of our West End remodel with a coat (or two, or three) of high gloss paint.

Check out the process on the Richmond Magzine blog.


Enter With Panache

27 September 2011

The foyer is not often a space that is utilized in a home. See how we are transforming this space in our rennovation in the West End. To see the full story and get some money saving tips on how you can do this in your home, check out the Richmond Magazine blog.


From The 1930’s To The 20th Century (part 2)

23 September 2011

Check out the second part of the overview of the 1930's renovation on Richmond Magazine's blog. 



From The 1930’s To The 20th Century

23 September 2011

Check out the Richmond Magazine blog, The Second Act, as they follow Visible Proof 's renovation of a 1930's home in the West End.



Richmond Unite

20 September 2011

Richmond Unite was fantastic! 

We loved seeing so much community driven effort so passionately displayed. 


Selling Cars On Consignment

14 September 2011

Check out this video at about CarLotz and how they are changing the way people buy and sell cars. 

It is great to see our clients doing so well!




1 September 2011

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, and other high profile ‘disruptors’ (one of which is our good friend Andy Stefanovich) of thought and business will be in town on September 9, 2011.  Check it out!

We’ll be there. Will you?



Wink! Walls love ink.

31 August 2011

Another cool creative product from our friends at Wolf Gordon. 


Thank You

29 August 2011

A big THANK YOU goes out to Mark Franko and the team over at Franko – LaFratta Construction, Inc. for being on call this weekend.



Vintage v. Antique… What’s The Difference?

25 August 2011

We recently had a project that needed great vintage pieces. So what’s the difference between “vintage” and “antique”? Vintage is usually less that 50 years old and may or may not be considered a collectible.


Interview with Layers Bed Company

23 August 2011

Check out this interview with Gian Fazio, owner of Layers Bed Company that was featured in yesterday's Richmond BizSense. We are so happy to see our clients are growing!




Best & Worst 2011

22 August 2011

Congratulations to the Martin Agency for being voted Best Office Space in Richmond by Richmond Magazine. This space is truly one of a kind and fosters the creativity that the Martin Agency is known for.  Loved working with these guys on this space. It was so much fun!

Check it out!


One Of Our Secret Weapons

16 August 2011

Wanted to let everyone in one of our secret weapons – someone who makes our life easier and our projects look even better...


Shop Class

12 August 2011

“Shop Class” is designed to take the ambitions of i.e. one step further, blurring the lines between creator and creative minded. 


Richmond Women In Design

11 August 2011

Check out this great organization for all women in creative design fields. 


Martin Agency Ranked #21 on Style Weekly’s 2011 Power List

26 July 2011

Congratulations to the Martin Agency on their ranking. Way to go!



Filz Felt

22 July 2011

Every once in a while we experience the pleasure of discovering a truly innovative material. Sometimes it's something totally new; in other instances it's a common material used in a new way. 


Art For Water Cooler’s Sake

21 July 2011

The Martin Agency is hosting a diverse art gallery of pieces from around the world, but here's the catch: at this point, it's only for the employees.



More News About The Guys at Ledbury

18 July 2011

Check out this article in the Richmond Times Dispatch.


Andy Stefanovich Featured on

18 July 2011

Great interview with Andy Stefanovich and his work at Prophet on  


Ledbury Featured on CNN

15 July 2011

Just had to share a great piece about our client Ledbury on CNN. Check it out. Way to go guys.

Click here to watch the story on CNN. 


A Great Way to Organize Your Inspiration

12 July 2011

I've kept inspirational images for years. Sometimes in notebooks, sometimes in boxes, sometimes on tack boards. It's always been a struggle to keep up with these ideas and still be able to organize and pull them out when needed.

Recently, I came across a new website that helps with this delima. Newly launched solves this problem. You can clip and catalog your favorite pictures onto your own virtual bulletin board. Spot your dream tub while searching the web? You can automatically save it to your Pinterest page, ready to revive at any moment.



5 Things I Do for Design Inspiration

30 June 2011

Today someone asked how my idea process works.  Many times, designers take advantage of their creative juices without considering just what it is that powers their right brain. I’m constantly looking for and thinking of new perspectives and methods.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to charge up my creative energy: 


5 Favorite Websites for Residential Furniture & Accessories

24 June 2011

We are always on the search to find new and unique pieces for our clients.  As a rule of thumb, we never use an item in more than one residence.  We try to keep things as fresh and as signature to that individual home as possible, so we are always on the lookout for great resources and places we can go to find new and vintage items.  Here are a few of our go to locations: 



I.E. Event

14 June 2011

Working as a designer in Richmond has given me the opportunity to meet countless creative minds, all with unique skills, yet united by a common spirit. When it comes to the right brain, Richmonders have a lot to offer; a lot more than many people realize. This is the exact reason for an upcoming event in Richmond called i.e.




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